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My best so far:

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1/4 at a high altitude track:


I still need to make it to a good 1/4 mile track... but the fastest I'm allowed to go is 11.49 anyway.
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awesome times!
You call that "high altitude"??? :icon_scratch:

(Nice times, though... :icon_biggrin: )
:icon_biggrin:? Higher altitude. :thumbsup: The track is at 2710'. The altitude corrected time for that run was 11.142 @ 120.02. :icon_biggrin:

Thanks guys. Now where are everyone elses timeslips? :happy7:

I'm gonna keep working on my 60'....

<runs and hides in corner>
That's a quick car you got there! :thumbup
Thanks guys. Here's a picture of me chasing down a Roadrunner at Yesterday's Summit Series race.

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Nice pics :thumbup I like how the left tire is off the ground. :cool
You are FLYING!!! Get that car to the 1/4 mile already!

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