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Motor Mounts

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I have a 95 Z28, and I am wanting to do the mounts. The only thing I have found is lift the engine. an tips or tricks to do this and get it done? I have an engine hoist I was thinking of using to lift it.
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You could lift it if you wanna do both at the same time or doing one at a time. Whatever works and whatever you're content with. Just make sure it is safely supported in case something goes wrong with the lift. Just take pressure off one of the sides and unbolt the old and rebolt the new one in. Should be fairly simple. Good luck!
So your recommendation is lift one side at a time? That works. I do believe I can do that. I have alloted all weekend for this, lol
If u have an engine hoist use it n knock them out at the same time. Be carefull with the OPS when u lift the engine.

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Yeah. I gotta figure out where I want to hook the chain to and I need to avoid the hood. thats gonna be fun part.
you can remove the hood really easily if your hoist doesn't work around it easily

people advise against it, but i've done tons of mounts jacking the motor by the pan (carefully with a block of wood) or by the crank pulley
yeah I have heard that as well. and I dont want to take the hood off due to the fact it JUST came back from the body shop. the alternator is hitting the hood which is why I am changin the mounts now instead of waiting. I plan on adjusting the alternator whether it be grinding or something to get it lower then the hood height
that's silly, dont bother modifying anything, it's supposed to be close to the hood.

there are other things on your engine that are close too, hell the maf, intake elbow, the intake itself.. they're so close to the hood on a 4th gen it's scary

just replace your mounts you'll be fine
Yeah but its actually hitting the fiberglass. thats the problem. and its a 98-02 style ram air on the 95 car.
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