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Modded LT1 Fuel pressure.

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So i've just added a fuel pressure gauge in the cab, with a sender mounted onto the fuel rail at the schrader valve. when i prime the fuel pump, the pressure jumps to about 42-43, settles around 38, when started it sits at 37-38, while driving under almost any load, the gauge reads 40-42 max. wondering if this is working as intended, car pulls hard, no miss, drives 100% fine. also, when i pull the vacuum line off the FPR, gauge immediately reads 43psi. so im thinking since the fuel pressure is directly related to manifold vacuum, that all of this is normal. the system doesnt bleed, and is what i would consider a very tight system. Anyone differ?
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Seems fine to me, thats what mine used to run at as well.

Thanks Show, its been a while since ive been on here, just wanted to bounce the idea and put my OCD mind to rest =).
very cool, thanks Shoe.
My 96 Roadmaster LT1 with mechanical fuel gauge behaves about the same as yours. Most times it holds fuel pressure for several days,but then sometimes it goes down within a day. I dont know if that is indicitative of a problem or not. ed
My '96 Impala SS reads exactly the same
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