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Mile High Nationals this weekend

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Even though I only live 7 miles from the track, I haven't attended this event in the past - just listen to the nitro cars from the front yard if the wind is right. After all, I consider myself a participant, not a spectator, and they don't thnk much of my kind at this event.

This year, I've been given tickets as a perk of the NHRA gold card, so I decided to go ahead and go this time. The only event of its kind I've attended was Pomona last November, and that gave me a reason to take them up on their offer. I have Friday off from work (scheduled day off), so that worked out nicely. Weather forecast is hot, as usual, but lots of water and sunscreen should suffice.

I'll take the digital camera and an empty memory stick.
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The latest National Dragster listed the records at Bandimere. I didn't memorize them, but TF was something like 4.5 set in 1999.

They suspend the 85% nitro rule for this race, allow some other tweaks not allowed at the lower tracks.
Melanie Troxel's 1st run with her new ride. I was scoping out the shots I was going to take, didn't realize she had staged, looked back at the start line and she had just gone up in smoke. I snapped just after that. :rant
The guy I ran in the finals at Topeka last year. He's in the middle of the pack.
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