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Mcleod twin disk weight vs stock assembly LT1

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I got a deal on a Mcleod twin disk w/aluminum flywheel for LT1.
When weighing the 2 assemblies the Mcleod is 2 pounds lighter.

How much difference do you think 2 pounds lighter will make?
Will I even notice it?
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The important thing to measure is the friction plates themselves vs. the stock friction plates. You want the lightest rotational mass attached to the input shaft as possible that will handle your power level to help the synchros do their job and have quicker shifts (and longer synchro life). If your stock set up is working fine I would not bother with it. The little bit of lightening will be hardly noticeable, if at all.
i wouldn't necessarily put an aluminum flywheel on a stock-ish lt1 either. all it's going to buy you is a rougher idle and maybe some chatter in neutral

im actually thinking of ditching mine
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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