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Magnaflow rattle?

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My magnaflow catback's muffler has this tinny rattle out the left pipe under hard acceleration. Anyone else experiance this? I have to say it also sounds more like a truck driving by than a muscle/sports car. Think the mufflers headed out to pasture?!?
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If have to say its probably a loose baffle inside of it . I'm sure you check his but throwing it out ,, how is the backet holding it ? An anything close to it ? I'd have to say its more than likely wanting to graze in the rusty metal pasture :(
Mounted with rubber isolaters and nothing touching it anywhere. It only does it when accelerating hard such as pulling into traffic or racing. It got worse as the night went on at the strip Sat night. Also notice a compleatly diff tone/note from each pipe.
Figured you had check all that stuff first . I'd have to say interior baffle then . Kinda a long shot but !!!!!! Might try taking bracket loose at car and kinda shaking it to find out if it rattles . Or is yours connected in a way you can unbolt that side and
Reinstall ? If so take it all way off and try that .
Fully welded system. Might be able to get a hanger pulled to the side enough to get it loose. I'm considering going to a dual muffler setup. Just unsure of any figment issues with a normal muffler.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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