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Made some good progress on the Turbo install today...

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Hotside (tubular manifolds) and Turbo(PT76GTS) are now fully installed. It has been so much fun(?) laying in the mud and melting snow (god I wish I had a garage). Thankfully, I bought a kerosene 'Torpedo' heater last year so I've been getting some good usage out of that.
What's left to do...
  • put starter back on
  • Tighten steering coupler to steering mast
  • route the vacuum lines to the new wastegate
  • install alternator/power steering
  • Reroute the power steering lines
  • complete the intermediate pipe from the end of the down pipe to the Borla pipe(all down the passenger side)
  • modify the current cold side to match the new turbo outlet positioning.
  • Find a good place to place the air filter.
  • Route the narrow and wide band O2 sensor wires.
Also, just wanted to give Jon (Realquick/ and big thumbs up on fitment. This is a complex kit and all the flanges/positioning are lining up perfectly!
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pics please
Sorry guys. I'll try to get some pictures this week.
Further updates...

Always fun... You DIY know how it goes. You take things apart in November then start putting them back together in the Spring. You find yourself muttering "where the heck did I put that bolt/spring/clamp/etc?". I got it all put together including complete rerouting the air filter location, the exhaust system, the fans(stock fans now as pushers) and the cold side. I fired it up (fired on the first try) and it was running on 7. I addressed this in another thread and I got it fixed. Oddball stuff, that. So I took it for a drive and once I was sure that everything was running cool and no leaks, I started pushing into boost. Watching the boost gauge, I saw it go to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 psi.... then stop there. Huh? I slowed down and tried it again. Same thing but I also noticed it would go to 5.x psi and then drop to 3.x psi. That behavior seemed familiar but I couldn't connect the dots.

Assuming it was a leaking charge pipe, I drove her back home. Nice thing was the temps stayed just as it had before all this swapping. Never higher than the first quarter mark on the gauge.

I put her back on the ramps and crawled under there. I pulled all the charge pipes off and re-examined them for leaks etc. Dang it.. nothing. So I put everything back on and tried another drive for boost. Grrrr! Same 5 psi then down to 3... hey.. wait a minute... that's what it does when the wastegate opens "on the spring". Almost excitedly, because I thought I'd found the culprit, I drove back to the ramps. As a test, I pulled off the tubes to the Waste gate, blocked off the tube that came off the compressor side of the turbo and took her for a drive, determined to modulate the boost with my foot (letting off the gas) if boost got high. Sure enough, I got to 12 psi in no time and let off.

So I went back to the house, lifted the hood, and checked the tubes/routing to the turbosmart manual boost controller. Ugh.. the new tube I'd put on the boost controller from the compressor was not tight. I put a clamp on it, rehooked everything to the Wastegate and took her for another drive. I didn't get to really push the car because I was already running late to drive my 3hr 40min commute to my worksite PLUS the new coldside routing is not going to work. When the car was on the ramps, it looked like the piping wasn't too low. Wrong. I scuffed it two times just driving into the local gas station. I ordered a fresh 3" piping, coupler and T-bolt clamp kit and will redo it this weekend.
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You're in Little Rock? Dang... I was just there in Feb, shortly after posting this thread. Visiting some old band mates in Jacksonville. My wife and I went to Cajuns Wharf and "cock of the walk" and ate way too much. Man, I miss Arkansas. Great friendly people and the BEST BBQ, Imo. We had some BBQ at Lindseys in NLR.

I wish I'd noticed you were from there. We could've met and I'd see your car. Maybe next time.

Got any pics?
We need pics. Do you ever go to LVD?
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