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ok hi guys please help me!

so I have a 1995 z28 Camaro auto!

these is what I did so far

checked starter everything was tight

I connected a start button to by pass everything to see if that was the problem still no start just cranks,I check my spark plugs they are fine, there was coolant on the opti! I know that's a big problem so what I did was I took a new spark plug.. pluged it into the the spark plug wire and I used jumping cables and had one on the spark plug and the other on the neg battery termals to check for spark... it sparked but very slow like spark...... spark was not repeating fast at all... I followed this testing thing I found on this site.. and it said the opti is fine but the coil is bad... so I just bought a new coil I dident install it yet..

my question is would the opti allow any spark? because its allowing a very weak spark.. and also when I took the wire that goes from the coil to opti and disconned it from opti and put it towards a ground a spark came out and it wasent weak... so does anyone think they know what the problem is.. sorry it is really hard to explain

thank you
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Sounds like a weak cap/rotor connection in the opti, how many miles on it?

36k miles sat for a while though...

how do I fix the connection?
You replace the cap and rotor like a normal old fashioned distributor.

ive never done it before can you walk me threw it?
what do I have to take off and stuff
lt1 Weak spark

hi guys so my 95 z28 is not starting so I got under the car to test for what I did was I took jumping cables I took a brand new spark plug I pluged it into a spark plug wire from the distributor and connected one side of the neg cable onto the new spark plug and the other side to the battery and it got a very weak spark.. like spark...... spark wasent fast.. what do you think the problem is???

the car does start once and a while! but dies after 2 mins

does anyone know?? also should I be checking spark a different way thanks!
How many miles are on the car and when was the opti last changed?
not really a LT guy, however unless it's a computer problem it's gunna be ignition related, has your opti got wet? have you done ANYTHING with water/coolant recently, did you think it was a good idea to clean off your motor with a hose? maybe even went thru a car wash where they sprayed the under side of your car, if you answered yes to any of these ill put money thats your opti is gone, however like i said im learning the LT1 now the only things i really know is a Jeeps 4.0 and a Ford 302.
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