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Lt1 timingset

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Alright so my lunati timing set has play in it again. Im not upgrading my opti n crap cause my msd opti is basically brand new and i cut my cam pin down already. Ive though off machineing down an old cam sprocket with the spline to just the cam bolt holes and spline. Then jd bolt it either behind new timing set with a crank spacer or in front pf new timing set. If i do that then pretty much i can use watever timing i want. Ive though of going gear drive just because there hard to destroy. I know it would make my knock moduale crazy so i would just tune out my knock sensor. I figure a carberated engine has no knock sensor so if my tune was dead nuts then i wouldnt need it no?
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How much play?

the problem with knock is that detonation is extremely full of variables, including combustion temperature, fuel condition, combustion chamber deposits.. and there is NO way for the ecm to have an accurate picture of these variables to make finite timing adjustments.

'perfect' timing one day might not be 'perfect' the next. the knock sensor allows you to run more aggressive timing than could be safely achieved through pure tuning. it allows you to run timing really close to the limit, and if one day you get shitty fuel, you wont hear that awesome 'tick tick clatter boom'

of course on a decent build with forged pistons and strong rods, i'd say a small amount of 'ticking' detonation is allowable in some conditions. they don't blow as easily as cast hypereutetics do. but i still wouldnt' do it.

carbed engines? well, they either dont have the precise timing advantages of a fuel injected engine.. they back their AFR or timing off to a safer level

either that or they are pure track cars, running in measured conditions, and running race fuel with a garunteed octane level, and are expected to be rebuilt at intervals anyway

dont delete the KS. dont get a gear drive, it's a mistake. call lunati and tell them their timing set is slacking off on you. they're a reputable company, they should provide you with some sort of solution.. and their timing sets aren't bad, i'm not sure why yours is giving you greif..
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Is the Lunati timing set a stock replacement type? If yes, Cloyes makes a OS crank sprocket that people use with the GM timing set to tighten up the chain. Cloyes S505 oversize sprocket.
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