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Hi guys

1995 Z28 M6
I had my clutch Throwout bearing fall apart recently & left me stranded until I could get a tow home.
I was running a Fidanza flywheel & Kupp stage 4 kit for the last 4 years or so.

On splitting it down, the TOB was split on the rear face the fork pushes against.
The disk had signs of wear so I decided to order disk & bearing from Jegs as delivery to UK is pretty good.
After a 4 week delay from Centerline, the disk & bearing arrives.

Flywheel & pressure plate surfaces looked excellent so I haven't replaced them.
Pedal felt OK until everything was buttoned back up & I came to start the car & the fork is grinding the back of the pressure plate.

We tried shimming the slave cylinder but we were probably 1/2" of shims & it's still catching.
I had to drive the car back home (about 5 miles). It drove OK as to the clutch & gear changes but anything over 1/2" from the floor just grinds the back of the pressure plate.

I've just got back under the car tonight & checked the fork was seated correct.
Initially last week it wasn't in line with the slave bolts but was tonight when i checked.

I've pulled it & reseated it a couple of times.
It feels quite loose but is pretty much touching the pressure plate when pressed by finger to remove any slack.

Obviously the clutch works OK and only the disk & bearing have changed.

I've seen a couple of threads where the fork has been ground down to clear the plate ( I don't like this)
and some where the pivot has been ground down. (slightly less un preferred).

Please advise how I can correct this or am I going to have to pull the box out again?

I've read that most kits use the Valeo pressure plate, Mine looks similar.
The LT4 has square holes rather than round ones but otherwise is similar.

So, I assumed the TOB was also a standard fit.

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