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Lt1 suspension

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Gonne re due my entire stock 95 trans am suspension including shocks springs etc maybe even some subframe connectors. I will be using this car for strip purpose only...any ideas
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I really hoped someone would have responded to is post. I was wondering if the Stock WS6 package was a good enuff to build up on. Don't think I'll bore my motor that's was jus rebuilt, I have another LT1 block ima dress like that but all the common sence bolt on's are goin on the rebuilt mother until my other block is dressed.....jus wondering if I should upgrade suspension now or if its durability is fine for all basic bolt on's. I'll check back an see wat you come up with.
How fast is the car now and what are your goals? Also, what mods do you have currently?
#1. Buy tires for the purpose.
Start with tires.

Then, get the Watts link. Single greatest thing you will ever do for these cars.

Shocks next. You won't need crazy ones if its a strip car. Lakewood makes some good stuff, but I've seen many have good luck with Bilstein.

The goal is to get weight transfer to the rear, while keeping the driveline angle as straight as possible.

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