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LT1 super dampener

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Im currently looking to purchase a lt1 super dampener for my camaro. anyone have a used or new super dampener for sale? Im not cheap, just on a bit of a budget and haven't the budget for one from summit or jegs. thanks for your help or suggestions
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When I had purchased mine, ATI had a scratch and dent store/name on ebay. It was around half price and it had a couple of the timing marks rubbed off that I obviously didn't need. You can try searching for that or even calling them directly and seeing if they have any cosmetically damaged units for sale.
Run a stocker or cough up the money for a nice ATI, as mentioned above, if you look around you can find blemished ones for decent prices.

definately gonna search around for a blemished one. concidering its not even seen when the hood is open, appearance isnt a concern
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