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LT1 rebuild????

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I have a 96 z28 looking to rebuild. here is what i know i am going to do but i need suggestions on what parts, kits, etc, to use. i have about 3 grand to work with. looking to get as close to 400hp as possible.

i want to bore over to a 355.. what rebuild kit would be best..

i want to cam it but i dont want a wild cam. gonna be street/strip car. not a daily driver but sort of. work is only 10 miles from house. i definatley want the cam to be noticed but slightly. what cam would be good?

i am going to put pacesetter long tubes with loudmouth 2 exhaust and an x-pipe.

i have richmond 4.10 gears for it.

want a good ported/polished throttle body for it. was thinking 58mm??? what is a good brand?

pistons, rods internals?? whats good.. forged, hardened?? might juice it but not sure..??

what tune would be best.. dyno tune or buy a tune for it??

i am completely undecided on parts but want near the best or best parts??

any and al help is much appreciated guys.. thanks..
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