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LT1 Piston rings too Shallow?

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I'm currently rebuilding a (completely stock) LT1 from a 95' f-body. I bought new rings for it so I can finish assembling the short block, but when I was putting them on the pistons, something looked kind of off to me. These are the rings I bought, MAHLE Original 41616CP Mahle Original Premium Piston Ring Sets | Summit Racing.

This is what the rings look like on the piston
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Does this seem a bit shallow?

I measured the depth of the new rings vs the old ones and the new rings are 0.7mm shallower (both were a top ring). The old one measured 4.2mm deep, and the new one is 3.5mm.

Am I worrying over nothing?
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Someone else told me it shouldn't matter since they are still the proper bore size. I think I'm just going to slap it all together with these rings.
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