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LT1 Oil Pump is Crooked

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Just installed the oil pump and hammered in the pickup tube on my 383. I took one step back and realized the whole assembly is leaning about 5 degrees relative to the oil pan mating surface. I can't imagine it's supposed to be like this... did I somehow bend it while driving the pickup tube into it's slot? It still spins fine and nothing seems to be binding up, but I'm very hesitant to just roll with this...
*In the second pic you can see the angle of the pump driveshaft relative to the main stud

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I would double check some things. I went back and looked at a picture from when I did my oil pump, and while not a great picture, it does not appear to be crooked.
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I absolutely agree that makes me super nervous too! I would start by pulling it back apart. Time now is cheaper than starting over later.

Super interested to hear what you find. I hope to hear and see more updates.
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