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LT1 misses for 2 minutes after sitting for 4 hours

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I have a 1995 LT1 out of a Roadmaster in my 81 El Camino. The engine runs strong when first driven, however, after sitting 4 hours while I'm golfing, I start it up and within a few miles it will start to miss like it's running out of fuel, or is running on 4 cylinders. It only does that for a couple of minutes and then it runs fine again. I replaced the temperature sensor for the computer, but that didn't change anything. Anyone have any ideas?

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Yes, has this problem been going on for a while?
Yes, It does it every time I go golfing. I can run around and do errands starting and stopping several times without any problem. It just does it when it sits for 4 to 4 1/2 hours??? That's why I thought it was the temperature sender.
Still misses for a couple of minutes after sitting for several hours

Still does it! I can drive it around town, stop and go, all day without a problem. But if I drive somewhere and let it sit for 4-6 hours, when I start it up and drive away, within a mile it will start running like it's on 4 cylinders for about 2 minutes, and then starts running normal. I've replaced the ECM temperature sensor. Shielded the fuel filter and fuel lines. Checked the coil, wires, etc. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Update, problem solved!

I just realized I never closed this out when I found the problem quite awhile ago. It was the Oxygen sensors. I replaced those and it runs perfect.
Glad you found the answer. I would have suggested taking another car to play golf.>:)
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