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LT1 Long Tube Problems

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I got my LT's installed. Now the car seems to be acting funny. Idles at 1100 and in gear at 500. Seems to lack power. is this something the computer adjust to? or do i need a tune? Thanks:LS1LT1flag:
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that's not normal, really..

maybe you nicked a vacuum line or broke something? forgot to tighten something? vac line maybe? leak at the gasket?

it's probably something simple. start checking things over.

might be worth resetting the pcm, though (just disconnect the battery for a minute).. then it'll re-learn idle and reset all the long-term trim tables. but after a short drive it would do that anyway.
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The hose on the passenger side header is loose. the hose is tight, but the metal fighting slides up and down if you tug on it. should it be tightened more? not sure if im not used to the sound at WOT yet and its just messing with me.
The pipe I'm talking about is on both headers. Correct?
You are talking bout the AIR fittings, not EGR.

You need them to seal up well or you will have unmetered air in your exhaust.

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