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LT1 Header Problem!

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The passenger side header is seeming to be more of a problem than the driver side. There is almost no space to maneuver the header into place. What was the best method you guys have found to get the passenger side into place?
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On my '94, from the bottom, w/valve cover removed, frame of car up at least 24" off the ground. Obviously a lift is best, otherwise dependable jack stands w/solid wood blocks for added height. Can't remember if I pulled starter or not, it'll be obvious if it's in the way.
I had to yank My motor mount and rock the engine to the driver side.
Oh yeah.. and cursed the engineers at gm and then drank..
Got mine in from the bottom in the driveway. Just have to know how to twist it.
Tommorow im gonna try to twist it in. if that doesnt work. im removing a motor mount. this was a bigger pain than what i though. but it will be worth it i hope
I'm not going to lie it sucked. I did it by myself. I did not remove my motor mount or valve cover. I don't think I removed the alternator either. The AIR pump line makes it fun to put the bolts in. So if you don't have EGR or AIR on them I suggest removing the metal AIR pump line. I just cut the pipe in half under the car and bent it out.
I Already had my Alt, power steering pump and AC already out along with the ACC Bracket.

I pulled the Dipstick and easily slid it in from the top.
It took me a good 3 days by myself getting that side in. Starter/alternator/valve covers/air lines/dip stick and motor mounts all had to come out. (bought poly ones while I was in there). Brought it in from the top and i had to use a rubber mallet and alot of rage to get it in. I slid it in as much as I could then would work on jiggiling the motor till it moved a little then repeat. I couldn't get it from the bottom for the life of me.I'd say with two people, coming in from the bottom may work better from what I hear. Everyone said not to take both motor mounts out at same time because It's almost impossible to line back up. That was the only way I was able to do it. It took me and a friend a few hours of wiggling the engine back and forth to get them back in though. I had to lift the engine from the oil pan up a little more than I would of liked to though...I also removed the heat shield from the bottom passanger side to get more room for the ass end of it to fit. Everyone has their own horror story about this install. Good luck
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