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LT1 GenX Trick Flow top end kit

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Hello everyone,

I have a 1996 Trans am LT1 and am interested in a nice horsepower increase. I have been looking at the Trick Flow GenX LT1 kit. I read this article: C4 Top-End Upgrades - LT1 Corvette Head-And-Cam Install - Vette Magazine This seems like a well-priced and reliable upgrade to the LT1. My engine has 90,000 miles currently. I feel like this combo takes out the guess-work and seems pretty straight forward. My plan would be to basically do exactly what has been done in this article. I might need to upgrade my rear end though as well. Any suggestions on my idea?

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I essentially did the same thing only upgraded roller rockers, lifters, and rods, also went with a comp cam instead of the cam it came with.... If you price out that kit you literally save nothing... I even asked why and they said.. the kit is just there to make it easy for you.. also you'll need a tune and a new torque converter.. and I needed 7.3 in rods not sure wjat tjat comes with... Look up My first start thread from earlier today if you wanna get an idea what it'll sound like.. although the cam I got was a little more agressive than the trick flow one.
Another question......

Why did you need 7.3 in rods...Is that standard for all LT1s? I dont know much if anything about the rods, setting lifters and there clearances. How did you learn to set valve lash, etc? I want to go to the local junk yard and practice tearing down and putting the same or similar V8 back together. Also I think you said you replaced the rear main seal...why the need for that...was it leaking?

The rear end...if my gears are chipped, worn, etc, is it hard to replace the parts? I would probably just replace the whole diff if the gears were damaged.

Re the rods, they say u should measure each engine to ensure proper length.. re the trick flows, they have a thicker deck and on the spec sheet for those heads it even says longer rods required.. send me a pm w you email and i can foward u directions. the pain is finding or making a solid lifter for proper measuring.

I've replaced My rear end gears twice..before this upgrade.. from breaking the ring and piniob gear.. it happens they are a weaker rearend... Just saying with the xtra HP I expect it'll break again if i hook up well. And will need a 9.
So......what did that kit dyno at the wheels? and what's the price?
That kit.OS.advertised at 430 I think... No ides where My car is at.. it.done and there's snow.on theground..
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