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I was hoping someone here could give some advice on where to start diagnosing an issue I’m having with my LT1. I have a 94 corvette under a 1954 3100 (drivetrain and f/r suspension). My ecm has supposedly been flashed but I have never gotten the LT1 to run smoothly. I have rebuilt the heads and head gaskets, replaced almost every sensor, water pump, opti, aftermarket fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, plugs, injectors etc. at this point I’m convinced it is a computer issue or a spun bearing. I get the fatal white smoke out of the exhaust when warming up, it likes to drag ass upon acceleration. I have the ODB1 reader with an android tablet to read codes but that hasn’t been too much help in diagnosing. Seems to get coolant mixed in with the oil which leads me to believe it could be a cracked block or I heard possibly could be an oil cooler issue. I do need to do a compression test still. Would love to get it functional and don’t really know where to start. If anyone has any ideas on where to start I would be much appreciative.
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