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Lt1 edit program help please

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I got a laptop with the lt1 edit program on it and cables along with the obd2 cables . When I plug it in and load up the obd2 it's fine reads and loads . Opened up the lt1 edit and it comes up goes through warning screen and hit accept , but it comes up empty on parameters . Can't edit anything . Am I doing something wrong ? I am totally new to the programming thing . Any help please .

This is what screen looks like .

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ok think i got it . didnt know had to load a file in the upper left box . kinda thought it loaded the cars program automaticly . lol well like i said , i new to the programing thing .
Yep, you have to have a file loaded for it to do anything.
Thanks for reply rob . Found a link inside of a link on the stickys up top that had a walk through . Lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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