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LT1 Corvette gear reduction starter

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I have always wanted to install a Corvette style starter on my 96 Roady wagon. About a month ago I found a recently rebuilt gear reduction starter on E-bay.Yesterday (Sunday) was really nice down here so I got the tools out and started twisting bolts. For those of you thinking about
doing this mod,it is a fairly simple ,straight forward change. I was concerned about needing to shim the starter for proper starter wheel clearance. I first installed the starter with no shims and checked the clearance, it seemed to be fine.I used the stock starter bolts from my previous starter, they seemed to be ok,but looked just a tiny bit short. If anyone knows if the Corvette starter uses longer bolts ,please let me know. Anyway I started to hook up the starter and selenoid cables,I had to remove one of the cable clamp hold downs to get a couple extra inches
length for the new starter. Double checked all the fasteners for tightness
and hooked up the positive battery cable. The starter turned the motor over like it had all the spark plugs removed. This is a fairly easy mod and a nice improvement for those of you needing to replace your starter. ed :)
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As I recall, the 96 Gran Sport LT4 starter was frequently installed by many as a direct swap. People also said it had a cool sound. :cool:
Shoe, yep very cool sound, reminded me of the time when I was 16 that my older Cousin Frank let me drive his 440 ci Plymouth Fury. That car was bad and it had a really bad sounding starter too.:cool::cool:
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