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lt1 cam?

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i am looking to cam my lt1.. i am boring out to a 355. i want a cam that is heard while idiling but not to crazy. the car is gonna kind of be a daily driver. work is 10 miles from home. any suggestions?
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Are you having any head work done and what kind of compression are you shooting for. That will help on deciding on a cam.
These cams are my recommendations stock heads daily driver up to 11/1 compression

The sound depends on Exhaust system headers/manifolds and muffler used along with the tune can be mild with these cams or sound fairly nasty but still have great driveability low mid and top end with decent mpg.

Voodoo Hyd Roller Cam - LT1 LT4 262/270 - Lunati Power

This cam used to be the 60121 now its specs are bigger and idle stouter

Voodoo Hyd Roller Cam - LT1 LT4 270/278 - Lunati Power

GM Hotcam


Competition Cams
304 Very Mild High Torque

502 Similar to GM Hotcam

305 Torquey with nice idle and mid range.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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