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LT1 AFR 180 heads for sale...

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I am selling my AFR 180 heads. They have been fully CNC'd by TPIS, then the were further hogged out by Fonse Performance. Thave been flow benched at a little under 300 CFM. *After TPIS's CNC work (before Fonse Performance CNC work) they were 187cc on the intake side and 54cc on the combustion chamber.

They have been proven to work excellent under boost, but would also make a great upgrade to an N/A or nitrous setup.

The heads have about 20,000 miles on them and are complete minus the rockers. They are in excellent shape.

$1325 firm.
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Making some boost by CALL911 - Car Videos on StreetFire

Here's a link to a small video showing the heads performance in my car.
pm sent
Okay, please no low ball offers.

You can have $1,000 in stock heads that have upgraded springs, valves, retainers, and heavy CNC work. Those will not come anywhere close to the performance of these heads. They are not even close!

You will not find better flowing heads with the quality AFR offers for less than I am asking. The $1450 is firm.
PM replied.
How much to ship to 20723 Laurel MD ? also, what intake are these for LT1 /LT4 ? I'm nut sure if there is a difference, and I wanted to upgrade to an LT4 Edelbrock intake. I would really like to upgrade my stock 96 LT1 heads as well . Thanks : )
I can do $35 on the shipping to you in Laurel MD.

These heads are for an LT1 style intake (the LT4 style intake is for LT4 style heads). There are other intakes that will also work. I was using a Super Vic EFI intake with these heads, but I also used the stock ported LT1 intake with success.
Great seller, fast shipping. I'm sure you will be happy with those heads... I'll get them in a few months if Ben will still have them.
Sounds good. Just hit me up when you are ready if I still have them for sale.
Need to get these sold. New price $1325 firm.
More info on the heads; they have a 3/4" thick head deck (ideal for nitrous or blower applications). Standard valves are lightweight 8mm 2.020 intake and 1.600 exhaust with AFR’s hardened ductile iron interlocking valve seats.
Heads are considered SOLD (pending full payment).
Heads are now officially SOLD.
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