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We are offering now a budget friendly shortblock package that will handle the power your wanting to throw at it! From big solid roller cam set ups and nitrous huffers to boosted street warriors. The 355 street strip includes the following:

New Eagle 4340 forged steel crankshaft (1 piece rear main seal).

New Eagle "ESP" 3-D H-Beam connecting rods (5.7" Bronze Bushed Pins).

New SRP Forged aluminum pistons (-5cc) with wrist pins and locks.

Premium Plasma moly performance piston ring set.

Clevite 77 H series performance rod and main bearing set.

Internal balancing on all parts within 1/2 a gram.

Bore and hone block to 4.030" with tq plates.

Surface block deck to desired height.

Install new cam bearings.

install new freeze plugs and galley plugs.

Completely assembled and blueprinted to exacting tolerances.

The price on these shortblocks run $3,400.00 with a core required.
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