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Lt-1 Exhausts year to year

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Ok peeps Im putting this info out there for those who were just like me when it came to the cat back system on their cars. It gets very confusing when you look online under the 93-97 category and the 98-02's exhaust is the only thing that comes up.

93-94= These cars came equipped with a single cat and had a 2 into 1 y-pipe to the cat. After the cat, the actual "cat-back" exhaust was longer and had a small S shape bend that met the cat. If you havee a 93-94, you will need to either a) Buy the pipe from SLP part number 30045 (ps they no longer make it so it may be hard to find) or (B) have a reputable exhaust shop make the pipe and it should give them no problems at all. Just remember this piece will have to be flanged by a pipe bender to fit on the back of the cat.

95= Now most of the 95's are identical to the 93-94 cars with the single cat. However, if you happen to get a california emissions car in this year it will have the 2 cat system. This will be designated by the RPO NB6 code. The first cat is attatched to the collector where the stock manifold would bolt to a Y pipe. The second cat is located just about under the passenger seat under the car. This exhaust is identical to the 98-02, at least from the cat back anyway.

96-97= The cars in this year are going to be 2 cat cars meaning they will have the same specs as the 98-02 cars as far as cat-backs are concerned. The exhaust companys will not market this however. They will claim you need the extra piece like the 93-94's and most 95's. NOT TRUE. It will be a direct bolt on job by using the 98-02 kits.

Now, as always, keep the stock hangers for you will use them on the rear section of the cat-back. Now I can only speak from experience on this one and am no way promoting one particular system but I purchased a SLP loudmouth 1 system for the 98-02 LS1 car to put on my 95 LT1 convertible California emission car. The entire install took 45 mins and that includes getting the old exhaust off and lining up the tips for the new one. Very simple painless system that not only looks good but sounds even better.

Just remember, you may need to cut the stock exhaust in a few spots in order to get it over the rear axle.
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