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Ls2 t56

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Just wondering if you can put a T56 from an LS2 engine on a LT1. I can get 1 with only 50k miles on it for $900. Its from a caddy that he was going to use the LS2/T56 on a project car and wants to sell them off now. I would buy the whole set up but I just had my LT1 rebuild so i would like to use it.


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Nope, won't work. Lots of variations in the T56, and the caddy version has a different tail housing that's not interchangeable with the F-body one. It also has an LS input shaft and (I believe) triple/double synchros opposed to the F-body's double/single synchros which renders it impossible to swap in an LT1 F-body input shaft.

The only T56's that will work with the LT1 besides the original are the LS1 F-body T56's, which require swapping out the input shaft and using the LT1 bell housing to work.
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