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LS1 Filter BAsket

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I'm gearing up for some future mods and one of them is doing the LS1 lid conversion. I have a lid, radiator support, but I can't seem to find the Lower filter basket anywhere for a decent price, and I kinda of want to use one if possible. Anybody got one they could spare for the right price?
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Anybody? OR maybe answer me this. I've read write up after write up on the procedure to do this. It seems to me that the Filter won't have anything to sit flush on and make a good seal to the Lid. Most of the write ups have it sitting on top of the radiator and the AC condenser. IS that really enough to support the air filter?
If you are using the LS1 rad support it seals just fine. There are two clasps the hold the lid down. Do you have a large hood to accomodate the rad support, or are you chopping it up to make it fit? I got my basket and support from the local pick-a-part for 15 bucks. It came off a V6 car and is identical to the LS1 cars.
Well the quick answer is no I have a stock hood so I'm gonna have to do some modifying to make it work. I know I have to cut the Radiator support down and make some cuts to the core support. It's just that every write up with it done that way it just seems that the filter is sitting on nothing that would help it seal to the lid. I already purchased a modified radiator support from a member on here that had it work under a stock hood. I'm just starting to wonder if this is even worth it at this point. My car is not and will never be a show car so i don't mind cutting on it to make it work if its actually worth it. Sorry for the delay in response I was waaaaaayyyyy up in northern MN with no phone or internet coverage
I have a stock basket plastic I think in my closet, shipping may be pricey, shoot me an offer.

How does $20 plus shipping sound? Your probably right though shipping might be 40 or 50 bucks. Lemme know what you think
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