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I wanna replace my 383 LT1 with an LS1 motor. I have checked here in Texas but it is very hard to find one for a good price. I have decided that the LS motor is the way to go. Oh by the way...I will sell the 383 LT1 when I do find a good LS engine.
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What will you be wanting for your 383?

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I just found out that due to me taking it to the place (not going to mention this company's name) to get my dyno, the maxed itout so much that the head gasket blew. The motor is apart right now. I have the heads going to get milled. Not too bad but don't wanna take any chances. This engine comes with ported heads, yellow crane rockers, bosch 42 lb injectors, ported intake manifold, forged pistons...etc. I will not put this back together. I want the ls1 and will either part this motor out or just have someone pay enough and come get all of it.
Willing to sell just the assembled short block only? I can pay shipping if you are willing to ship it. Where are you located

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I'm located in Katy, TX. Same as houston, TX.
How much would you be willing to let the shortblock go for?

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Do you want the heads as well or just the block? The heads will not be assembled nor will the rockers.
Text me and I will show you pics. I still have the other head on right now. I need a pulley puller to get this one side off. 832 875 1183
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