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Looking for more HP-Engine Rebuild?

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I have an 02 T/A with the 5.7 LS1 and it has well over 100K miles on engine mods, just some bolt ons like 90mm trick flow throttle body, 160 degree therm, SLP Loudmouth cat back exhaust, Diablo predator puts out around 320 RHP on the dyno...debating on rebuilding engine to either build up top-end or go with a supercharger...I'm looking at the top-end kit Trick flow sells which comes with heads/cam/roller rockers and all gaskets...supposedly will bring stock LS1 up to around 530 hp which I'd like to get to...everyone tells me to def rebuild bottom end of motor if I choose to do my question is does anyone have experience with that top end kit from Trick Flow or any other recommendations on doing top end work to bring out more performance in my car? I understand the performace is in the heads on the LS1 so I assume I need to do something with heads-even something as basic as porting and polishing them...I'm not a mechanic so I'll be relying on my local mechanic to send out block for machining and to bolt everything on...I have a budget to work with and would like to stay around $5k if that's possible...please advise if you have any ideas for me-thanks
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The trickflow. H/c package will only get over 500hp at the flywheel, and I guarantee thst was with some dyno magic too.. You're really looking at 420-440 at the wheels. Not that big of a deal now days. The cam they have is a bit on the small side too. There are better set up that you can do for less. 100k isn't much. My LS still had the hash marks in the cyls at 90k miles from where it was honed by GM.

So what intake are you running with a 90mm TB? No headers? You should look into getting a real tune instead of one from a hand held too. Is this an A4 or M6? Are you ready to spend $ upgrading the rear, trans, suspension and to buy good soft tires? More power will lead to breakage and traction issues otherwise. Ever thought about upgrading the brakes so they can handle stopping the car better from higher speeds?
Traction > power for sure. If you want to run h/c then definitely look into some longtube headers because you will get choked out especially at the top end with stock manifolds, same thing if you want to go the supercharging route as well
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