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location of pass. air check valve

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my new car(2000 Formula - new to me) threw a P1416 code, which is the pass. side check valve, I have bought a replacement but now Im having trouble finding the location of the check valve. Any help or pics for its location would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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I'm sure someone might chime in with exact ,, but ... Look
Up shoebox . Go to his main page . He has diagrams for just about everything you might need . Sorry I couldn't help more .
just checked on his site, unless Im mistaken, he mainly deals with the LT1 and 93-97 Fbody, not 98+.
Try the 4th gen parts books, available to download in the sticky threads of this section. They should have a exploded diagram of what you need.

Also located in the regular threads of this section, you will find the factory service manual for your car. Look for thread titled "GM service manuals".
They are on the pipes going to the exhaust manifolds on each side. You can't miss them. I take them off to change the plugs cause they are in the way.
Sorry I wasn't more help . Looks like got ya going in right direction now .
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