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Weight removal list!
First step....
Buy a lightweight optioned car

Free stuff....
21.5!AC compressor
8.5.!AC condenser
....!AC fan motor
13.5!Airbag and bracket, passenger's
4...!Airbag, driver's
....!Air dam
1...!Air filter
5...!Amp, Monsoon
4...!Antenna, bracket, and motor if applicable
....!Ashtray & lighter
....!Blinker switch
2...!Bolt lengths, extra
....!Brake pedal pad
23..!Bumper, front reinforcement and brackets
21..!Bumper, rear reinforcement and brackets
34..!Carpet & Sound deadening
9...!Center console
....!Coating, under carpet
4...!Crossmember brace
....!Cruise control
20..!Door panels
11..!EGR, air pump, & harware
....!Fan, 1
....!Fan shroud
3...!Foglights and brackets
....FRA mod
....!Gas, Extra
1...!Grill insert
4...!Hatch cover
2...!Hatch shocks
3...!Head unit
....!Head unit/AC console trim piece
8...!Heat sheilding
9...!Heater core
1...!Hood shocks
3...!Inner fenderwells, plastic
....!Liscense plate brackets
....!Liscense plate(s)
....!Misc. junk in the car like keys, garage remote, change, owner's manual, etc.
1...!Owner's manual
3...!Panels, under steering wheel
5....Panhard rod brace, upper
....!Parking brake
....!Power brake booster
....!Parking brake handle
....!Power seat motor
11..!Power steering pump, pulley, idler pulley
....!Power window motors
1...!Rear view mirror
9...!Seatbelts (rears and passenger's)
34..!Seat, passenger's
19..!Seats, rear
3...!Sheetmetal, extra double walled
....!Shifter knob
5...!Side impact bars
35..!Spare tire and jack
7...!Speaker panels, hatch
5...!Speaker panels, rear passenger's
35..!Spoiler (Weight measured on a Pontiac)
....!Spring isolators
2...!Sun visors
14..!Swaybar and brackets, front
2...!T-Top holders
....!Under car tow points
1...!Washer fluid pump
9...!Windshield washer fluid
2...!Windshield wiper reservoir
3...!Wiper arms
3...!Wiper motor
....!Wiring, Excess

Wallet mods....
3...Airlid, aftermarket
3...Chromoly LCAs
3/9.Carbon fiber driveshaft
14..Chromoly A-arms
30.5Chromoly K-member
....Draglite wheels
....Drag slicks or street slicks
....Drilled axles
24..Dry cell battery
10..Electric water pump
....Fiberglass door skins
30..Fiberglass hood
....Fuel cell
18..'99+ fuel tank for '98 cars
....Lexan glass
....Lightweight clothing
35..Lightweight brakes, front
....Lightweight brakes, rear
10..Lightweight flywheel
13..Lightweight springs and shocks
....Lightweight steering column
6...Lightweight steering wheel
10..Manual rack and pinion steering
....Plastic fuel tank, late model
....Powerglide, TH350, or M4 transmission
17/29.Racing seat
....Shortbelt mod
....Skinny front tires
20..TQ converter, small
....Underdrive pulleys

And finally....
Wash car inside, out, and underneath
Potty break
I think that will just about get you in the light weight zone. lol

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dang it... i can only sticky in MY section.... can a super duper mod sticky this please?

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isn't that colonel's list from tech? one thing that needs to be added is headers save a ton of weight. if someone has the weight of a set of LTs, i can weight the factory system and compare the difference

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yup thats his list... headers are on the list... just not HOW much they lose

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Jaberwaki said:
Wow! I knew I was forgetting somethingThanks, man! :lol:

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02lilredSS said:
Wow...what's left?

I bet i could take 300 lbs out of yours that you would not even miss ;)

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Shon Herron said:
We are now turning to the angle grinder for more weight removal!! And adding back the interior panels/etc to have a more docile look and still be in the 3000 race weight!!

What are you cutting out besides the door bars?

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gettinthere said:
What are you cutting out besides the door bars?
Secret :devil:

Really, I do plan on pulling the door bars and then for sure the metal where the front bumper support attaches to, there is like a 3" piece of metal that sticks out that can be cut from both sides. I figure that will be a pound or so.
The metal behind the dash is screaming for holes.
The metal brackets inside the car for the rear seat/etc will be gone.
Going to look at the metal that the plastic covers up and figure out where it actually attaches to and then start cutting it.

My goal is to weight the plastic interior parts and then cut metal to offset that weight, I dont know how close I can get but will try.

I do not like the no interior look so I want to put the plastic back in along with some sort of door panel, stock is too heavy so I am trying to decide what other material I can use. The Wolfe set up would work but it is expensive (btw-they are having a 20% sale right now thru Jan 6). I think I can make the same panels at home and have them covered with something and be just as lightweight.

I am open to other suggestions.

Another area I am looking at is the wheels that I run now, I think I can loose some weight with a different set up.

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Shon, if you are looking for more ways to go light, have you considered lexan?
the new stuff does not fade or scrath nearly as easy :D

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Speedglass has some nice products out. I have not found any that are DOT legal, if that matters to ya. And alot of classes of races wont let you run anything but glass windows. I think LS1Tech series is an example of one.

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Jaberwaki said:
I bet i could take 300 lbs out of yours that you would not even miss ;)
time to dig up an old thread

i was thinking today, what could you take out that i wouldnt miss
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