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Got a leaky header gasket and brainstorming. I think my problem is that the head of the bolt or the shoulder of the bolt is contacting the #6 primary tube and therefore what feels like a tight bolt really ends up not being fully tight on the flange but due to friction with the primary I can not turn it any more.
I started thinking about smaller headed bolts or running the allen heads and if there is still clearance issues I could cut some off the allen head and still be able to turn it with the allen head unlike cutting a 6pt headed bolt.
Then started wondering about the stock manifold bolts and those with the spacers with them, why would they not work? it would possibly get me away from the primary and I think those bolts are longer so I could use the stock spacers or if I had to cut down some of the spacer....

Just wondering.....I dont want to have to run say 2 paper gaskets...I am running the coppers right now.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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