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Launch Control?

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Please feel free to move this as needed mods im not sure if this was the right place to put it but anyways.
Im looking for some type of launch control without having to use an engine management system. I come from the honda scene and i there is a lot of free programs out there that you can run on the stock ecus for launch control but i know before that people were using some msd boxes for launch control. what are the different tyes or ways you guys use for launch control. im 94 z28 lt1 4l60e. thanks for the input guys
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launch control is done with an electronically actuated throttle, not cable driven like an lt1 has.

or are you talking about a multi-stage rev limiter?

that's not easy to hack into an lt1, because the rev limiter has no real parameters (it's fixed at whatever value you set). best off using an external ignition box for that.
I just installed a Linginfelter LNC-2000. Very easy to hook up and can also be used to retard timing for nitrous.
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