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With today's Fall Series race, that closes out my NHRA gold card season. The car ran quicker and faster today than it ever has at altitude, although after it warmed up a bit it slowed down to near-normal again. I entered two classes, Pro & Sportsman, the latter being trophy-only. Of course, I went out 2nd round in Pro, then semi'd in Sportsman (at least I finally went a day without redlighting in eliminations).

Some interesting comparisons between 2004 and 2005 (Bandimere is my home track, by the way):

Series raced at Bandimere:
2004 - 3
2005 - 5 (only two with perfect, or even consistent, attendance)

Final season series standings at Bandimere:
2004 - 6th in one class, 7th in another
2005 - 12th in one class, best of the rest in the high 20's

Trophies won at Bandimere:
2004 - 0
2005 - 6

Finishes in the money at Bandimere:
2004 - 4, about $100 total
2005 - 2, about $550 total

Races away from Bandimere:
2004 - 2
2005 - 0

Kind of funny, actually. Last year, I was coming off a 2nd place season finish in the 2003 seaon in one series, finished something like 32nd in 2004. This year, I went out for half the races in that series, and finished 28th. Even though overall I didn't do well consistently this year, I have more hardware to show for it. Last year, I didn't go out for the Fall Series because I had knee surgery scheduled in early October, and as it turned out I ended up going to Pomona in November (based on the Division win in September). This Fall, I spent some money on the car to get it quick enough in the money class (Pro) in the Fall series instead of going to the Division race (2200 miles round trip), never went past the 2nd round in Fall Pro, in 6 race dates I had a grand total of 4 round wins. Then I enter Sportsman today (for the 2nd time in the Fall racing) and go more rounds in one race than I did for the entire Fall in Pro. Guess I know what dogs to run with from now on...

So ends this year's yield on last year's accomplishments.
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