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Celebrate 4th of July with Nitrous Outlet. To celebrate the 4th of July we are offering some great discounts to save you money. So go ahead and spend a few extra dollars at the fireworks stand!

Nitrous Outlet plate conversions
Nitrous Outlet plate conversions give you the opportunity to upgrade to the best nitrous plate design on the market with out buying a complete system. So weather you are just looking to clean up your install or just looking for something better than what you already have this may be for you.

Our nitrous plates are simple the most efficient high flowing plate on the market.
A few reasons why..
* Plate is only ¾ inch thick.
* Inlet fittings are aimed at firewall for the best look and fitment available.
* Easy to install throttle extension bracket.
* O-ringed gasket machined into plate for perfect air tight seal.
* 6 fuel and 6 nitrous discharges for the best atomized flow.
* Flows up to 400HP!

78mm Plate conversion=234.00
85mm plate conversion=234.00
90mm plate conversion=234.00
92mm plate conversion=252.00
100mm plate conversion=252.00
52mm LT1 plate conversion=256.50
58mm LT1 Plate conversion=256.50
Mono Blade LT1 Plate conversion=256.50

78mm Plate conversion dual stage=297.00
90mm Plate conversion dual stage=297.00
92mm Plate conversion dual stage=297.00

Brand X Nitrous System
Brand X Nitrous Systems are designed for the budget enthusiast looking for a great deal with out sacrificing quality. With the Brand X Nitrous systems everything was custom built and designed to meet the high expectations that Nitro Dave’s requires in order to be stamped with the Nitro Dave name. No need to settle for anything less than Brand X Nitrous.

A few reasons why.
* Black powder coated bottle with high flow bottle valve.
* Small base solenoids that pack a big punch. Flow 200 HP! Opens under
pressure and heat.
* 1/16 nitrous nozzle flows 200 HP!
* Includes jetting for 50-100-150 HP
* 16ft -4 main feed line.
* Stainless steel quick release bottle brackets.

Brand X Single Nozzle Wet System only 299.00

Need Both?

Hurry deal ends soon!

Call in your order toll free at 1-866-648-7637 or 254-420-3630

Happy 4th!
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