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anyone else out there that wants to prove that were not
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I am from KY originally, transplanted to TN 7 yrs ago...although that's not much better in the barefoot & missing tooth dept, LOL.
yea right here. got shoes on right now as a matter of fact
Well crap, i'm barefooted right now and lived in Kentucky all my life :rolleyes: ............GIT-R-DONE!!!!! :lol: .............I want my mullet back :roflmao:
Right here in Ky. With my kick blaster's installed.
dude the car looks awsome
yea I live in Ky and I am barefooted right now, What are shoes?
time to brimg this post back to life. anyone from kentucky still around? and if so know anywhere in the louisville are that is good with the lt1.
check out That's the Louisville and KY area F-body club
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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