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Keeping everything in Check

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When i get my car i want to know exactly what is going on with it. I read somewhere that the stock Temperature gauge is only a dummy and is only made to detect overheat situations. I want to know how all of the systems are working so i was thinking of putting in some aftermarket gauges. Like Air/Fuel Ratio, Temperature Gauge, Tranny temperature, and maybe some others. I dont want to have all these goofy gauges everywhere though, because im not going to be looking at them 24/7 so i want to have them hidden and if i need to see them i can. I was thinking maybe in the center console or somewhere like that. I really like when people put them in the A/C vents but i dont want to loose my A/c. Im just trying to think of a good place to mount them. Any Suggestions?
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if you're getting firebird then you could use the a/c vents to mount the guages. otherwise you'd probably have to use an a-pillar guage pod.
A/F Gauge. make sure to have a wideband o2 not a narrowband. Basically. Dont hook it up to your stock o2s.

As far as mounting You'll only be able to get maybe 2 gauges in your console. If you want them hidden, just make a panel up for your glovebox.
A good wideband will cost upwards of $300. A regular narrowband will burn thru O2's faster though. It's kind of a double edged sword.
one place u could mount 2 gauges is under the radio where the TCS/cubbyhole is. maybe 1 in the ashtray, and in a firebird, put 1 in the vent next to the driver window. for a shift lite, put it in the little vent thing on the A pillar. you might be able to find a multifunction gauge, autometer has some new line out that are programmable that might work
also if u get a 98 camaro or firebird the temp gauge is fully functional 99+ its pretty much a dummy light
Okay thanks guys. I like the glovebox idea and I have already decided on useing that little vent for a shift light. I dont understand the whole Narrowband Wideband 02 sensor thing, could someone explain it to me a little more in depth?
narrowband=what the factory O2 sensors are. not very accurate, cause it only uses a range of 0-1v for signal
wideband=very accurate, 0-5v for signal hence wide range or band. gives more accurate AFR
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