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Just saying hey.

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I was on the board when it originally started but a lot of things changed and I got busy. I'll try to stop by as often as possible. I post on, very little, and read I have a '91 Camaro RS w/ 3.1L V6, an '85 IROC-Z w/ a 350TPI, and an '86 IROC-Z w/ a carbed 355. I've only ran the '86 at the strip and ran a best of 13.086 @ 106.86. I switched to a TH350 tranny w/ 26" M/T ET Streets for this coming Wednesday instead of a stock 700R4 w/ 30" slicks. I hope to see 12's this week. Anywho, that's a little about me.
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I don't know about having anything good to add, but I'll stop by as often as possible. I'm still learning myself.
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