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Just a quick note.....

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Guys, I just thought I should say something seeing as how I'm part mod of this forum. This forum is for all of our kill stories and such, and everyone knows that 99% of us when presented with the opportunity will lay the smack down. Just please be safe out there and don't take unnecessary risks. Folding and not accepting a challenge in traffic is much better than someone typing up a eulogy for you here in the forums.

Thank you please drive through. :D
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And this site in no way condones Illegal Street Racing. We all know it happens, and ALL of us in some way have been part of a little "race" on the street, but be careful guys!!!
:withstupi I couldnt agree more.
Yah as much as i love racing on the street im very careful about it.
Lemme put a sticky on this for you.
gettinthere said:
Lemme put a sticky on this for you.
I was thinking about doing that myself, but wasn't really sure if it was necessary. Thanks! :thumbsup:
It's a good reminder.
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