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Jet is offering a 24 hour sale of 35% off everything using ’JET35’ entered in checkout as the coupon.
I’ve already have a laptop I have set aside specifically for tuning use in tuning my car.
What are your thoughts on this product for this price.
I have the $ as part of my car resto budget right now, is this a good time to purchase the 14005 DST , or is it a complete waste of money ?
And would I still have to do the whole use of another program, to save, another to makes changes, and another to flash/upload tune my (spare) pcm ?
Or does the program have all that included ?
$325 from JET is hard to pass up...
I’m listing in here because I value the tuners and performance experienced people out theres advice and input. But I appreciate anyone with firsthand experiences or information that’s relevant.
If I’m off topic here please feel free to bump this thread where it belongs.
Thank you for your time and energy.
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