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Does anyone have a stock 1996 LT1 Jet DST file ?

I am waiting for my laptop to get here and I would simply like to be able to take a look. The 96's are kind of the bast*rd children of the LT world as far as tuning goes. I found out that there are not a lot of options dyno shop wise around here, other than PCM4LESS that can tune my '96 so I bought the Jet 14005 DST unit.

I also found a new old stock laptop for a reasonable price on eBay that runs Win 7 Pro so I can dedicate it to the car (for the most part). My wife's laptop runs 10 but it is mostly for work and taxes.

There is a data mapping program that will work with the DST that will allow me to capture what I need while driving so I can fine tune the car after I get done with the mods I am planning.

Also, one of the local dyno shops did say if I bought the appropriate stuff (Jet DST) he would be able to do the tuning.

It took some trial and error, but by following the directions and such, I am able to get the DST software up and running under Windows 7 using WinXP system pack 2 compatibility mode. The DST I bought ships with a USB connector, instead of the serial port connector that they used to ship with.
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