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It's time to actually do something with this car

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The car is a 96 ws6. I've been talking about building the motor since I bought it two years ago. With 135 or so thousand miles on the car I'm thinking of just building a whole new motor for it. So naturally I want a four bolt main. There is a block out of a 93(i think) corvette on Craigslist with steel main caps. i wanted to go with billet main caps but if the steel is enough id love to save some more machine shop money. The guy says its an lt4 but I know those didn't come around until 96. I've read that all lt1s from vettes had four bolt mains. Is this true? It's already been bored 30 over so it'd be perfect cause I'm going for a blown 383. There is also a procharger p600b supercharger on Craigslist. Is this a good blower? For a blown 383 would I want a bigger or smaller combustion chamber? And does the rod length affect the deck clearence? If so what would be the clearance assuming the deck hasn't been milled with 6in rods on the above mentioned block? I will adjust the dish size of the pistons accordinly to get a 9ish:1 CR. my goal is 10-15lbs of boost with water meth to run on pump gas if necessary. I've got the top end figured out other than chamber size. I know I want a cam with 114lsa or more. It's just rod length deck clearence and compression ratio that I'm a little lost on. I'm sure I'm forgetting something in my plans but that's basically all of my concerns. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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if you're seriously thinking about building a boosted stroker that'll take a beating, keep your existing block and go splayed mains. (after it's all checked out, of course). it'll be way way stronger.

your compression goals are too conservative for the kind of boost you plan to run, imo. you can run way higher than 9:1 on pump gas and meth @ 10-15 psi on a built 383.

i'd be aiming more towards 10:1 kinda thing, it'll be way snappier in the low end and raise your actual compression after boost a good chunk. i've been around plenty of really low compression blower cars, and they have a hell of a limp spot in 'em..

you dont mention how well you've thought out all the other supporting mods.. fuel system, etc.. bigger injectors.. can your trans/rear take it.. just make sure you know what you're getting into for all that stuff, these things can spiral out of control pretty quickly
I shot for 9:1 on mine, but ended up mid 9s, granted I am also shooting for +20psi so you need to factor that in as well. If you are sure you will only see 10-12, you could get away with the higher CR, but you really risk detonation if you get bad gas.

Either way, you gotta do a lot of reading before you do anything.

I know I'm gonna need a new rear end. I was thinking an 8.8 over a 9 inch to save weight. But I would be willing to go either way depending on cost difference. I've heard that the t56 with a new input shaft could get me well into tens. Plus sub frame connectors and all that jazz. If I could run 10:1 and still get 15lbs out of it I would be thrilled. Would running water/meth help save me from bad gas? Would I even need it at 15lbs and just be careful where I fill up? My goal would be high to mid tens in the 1/4 and still be able to drive it normally on the streets. Not a daily driver by any means but I still want to retain the driveability. Do I have the right idea? Or do I need to completely rethink my approach to this? Also where could I find tourqe specs for basically everything?
I figured 24lbs injector would do it. As for the fuel pump I'm a little clueless. I figured I'd talk to summit about that. The big summit show room is only about an hour from me anyway. It's where I plan on getting everything I can't find on Craigslist
Definitely don't buy a used motor that has previous machine work if you are planning on it being good for your specs. Start with yours and spend the extra bit now so you have a solid platform that you don't worry about later on. If you think 24lb injectors are going to work with 15 psi on a little p600b and go mid 10s, well you've go some splainin to do!
Haha I was hoping you guys would do the splainin'. What injectors should I go with then? And would I be asking too much out of that blower? What would a good price be to get my block bored? I can do the clearencing for the crank myself. I've heard the word honed used when talking about boring but I'm not sure what it means. Would it be worth it to resleeve the block? How much would that all run me? I'm in the Cleveland ohio area if that affects prices of machine shops and what not
I figured 24lbs injector would do it. As for the fuel pump I'm a little clueless. I figured I'd talk to summit about that. The big summit show room is only about an hour from me anyway. It's where I plan on getting everything I can't find on Craigslist
Do you mean 42 lb? I hope that was a typo. There has been an endless debate on what is stronger, straight 4 bolt or spayed 4 bolt, with no end in sight. Either block you choose is fine as long as you get that craigslist block checked out by a competent machine shop. If that guy said it was a LT4, it could very well be a caprice motor because lots of people on craigslist like to say "Caprice with corvette engine!" or from a camaro or roadmaster. You will need to verify for yourself. For fuel, you will probably want twin 255s, as a single 340 was too small for Popo's build on ltxtech. You also may want to consider an obd1 swap or a 24x swap, as big boosted obd2 cars seem to be difficult to tune.
You can buy used stuff off Craigslist and rebuild it it.....or you can buy this ---->>

Jus' sayin'.......

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