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Issues after mods

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Hey guys (and girls), I can use some help! I've got a 2002 35th an. S.S. Camaro.
22.000 miles. SLP long tube ceramic headers, hi-flow cats, no mufflers and 3 1/2
inch pipes straight out the back. Cold air ind. The computer never has really accepted the mods, throwing a check engine light (that I was able to reset by disconnecting the battery).
That doesn't work anymore. Now a fuse keeps blowing, and reverse (6 speed stick) takes 2 hands. The exhaust smells wrong and she bucks at certain rpms.
Any suggestions? Would a programmer do the trick?
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Find what is burning first. Then get your codes read after you fix the burning problem. More than likely you have a wire that has come in contact with the headers and burned.
What he said. And don't waste time with handheld tuners. Get a dyno tune instead.
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