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Irregular rear end howl on deceleration after bearing replacement

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Recently a leaking pinion seal and resulting loss of gear lube caused my pinion bearings to go bad. I had a mechanic replace the bearings (carrier bearings too) and since then it has a somewhat erratic and intermittent howl when decellerating. It gets loudest between 30-35mph and quiets down below 20-25mph. When accelerating and cruising it is very quiet.

The mechanic put in Amzoil Extreme Pressure 75-90 synthetic gear lube but w/o GM additive. He said the gear pattern was ok, the backlash was .005-.006, and he set the pinion bearing preload at 22 in-lbs. With the car on a lift (in neutral with the parking brake on) I found that the yoke seems a little loose, and even has a small amount of end play. Is this normal if the preload is set properly? If it isn't could it be causing the howl?
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Sounds like mine haha, I've been driving mine around like that for a year now. I changed my gear oil like a month ago and there were minimal shavings. I think the ten bolts are real whine prone as mine isn't the only f body with a rear end whine.

But if the U-joint/yoke has play in it I'd have him go over it once more. They should be solid or at least I can't wiggle mine
I tightened the pinion nut enough to remove the end play and wobble and the noise is all but gone now.
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