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So a friend of mine told me that my model Camaro came with an LS-6 intake manifold. Is this true of all 02 Z-28 models, how can I find out? Also when I was replacing my water pump on sunday I thought the throttle body looked a little larger that it probable should be, but the stock air cleaner set up fits like a glove and I didn't notice any aftermarket brand name on it, only a parts number sticker, at least that is what it looked like. Anyow would appreciate any help. Thanks guys.

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If you are absolutely 100% sure the intake manifold has never been off, and the factory one is still installed, then that's an okay way to tell.

However, early Vette LS1 intakes didn't have the EGR port. So, that's not a foolproof way to tell what you've got.

Best bet is to get the p/n off of it and see what that tells you.

12561184 = Stock 2001-2002 F-body LS6
12573572 = Z06 LS6
12560688 = LS1 intake with EGR
12556333 = 97-00 vette LS1 (like 12560688 but w/o EGR)
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