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Injectors not!

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I have a 93 camaro lt1. Have just rebuilt it with alot of engine mods. I dropped it in my 77 vette and wired it with a used painless harness and a stock pcm. Went to start the engine and it won't fire up. I have spark and fuel pressure at the injectors. But the plugs remain dry. It will try to run on starting fluid. Did some checking and found out the vats bypass was missing. Ordered and installed and still the same. Talked to a few tuners and they all say to check for no power to injectors. Test with a noid light and nothing lit up. After more testing. With all injectors unplugged i have power on a test light to the pink wire at injector. Plug in one injector or all and i have power at pink and green or pink and blue all the way back to the pcm. I feel i have pcm issue. Any ideas???
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