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Infinity ECU Controls 1,100-Plus HP, Katech-Built LSX
in ATI Performance Products Inc.’s COPO Camaro
AEM’s Infinity ECU Controlling Several Katech-Built Engines in Multiple Motorsports

May 3rd, Hawthorne, CA—Katech Engines, tasked with building a race engine for JC Beattie Jr. of ATI Performance Products Inc.’s COPO Camaro, turned to AEM Performance Electronics’ new Infinity stand-alone programmable ECU to tune the powerful, NHRA Super Stock combination in excess of 1,100 horsepower.

“It’s a quality system that is easy to tune and very customizable,” noted Kevin Pranger of Katech Engines. “We received excellent support from AEM’s Devin Pearce. We tuned it in no time at all and the final map was very precise. We also made the most power with this engine using the Infinity ECU.”

The new Katech engine adheres to NHRA rules and allows Beattie Jr. to keep his factory engine in pristine condition should the urge to sell the car someday rear its head. Katech’s engineering and engine building expertise ensures that the new engine will survive many passes down the track at this HP level and be capable of turning more RPM.

ATI Performance Products Inc.’s Beattie Jr. stated, “I was introduced to fuel injection and AEM with our NHRA Drag Pak Challenger in 2010. Learning the system, using the interface, and relying on Devin and the AEM team made it all very simple. Having never used fuel Injection I was nervous to say the least. But after 2 seasons of using the older equipment in the Dodge, and now having seen the new Infinity in action, I am excited for this season of racing!”

Beattie Jr. and ATI are happy with the tuning on the COPO Camaro and have switched to an Infinity ECU on Beattie Jr.’s Drag Pack Challenger too. The company also recently introduced four top-quality Super Damper shell and damper combos with steel trigger options that are compatible with the Infinity ECU.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be working with such highly regarded and respected companies,” stated AEM President Greg Neuwirth. “Katech is a leader in engine development for the LS platform and ATI’s products are synonymous with high performance racing. We look forward to setting records with them throughout the season.”

The AEM Infinity has found its way onto several Katech-built LS engines of late, including the Katech-built LS7 in Matt Powers drift car and also in the Katech built LS3s that power the Pirelli World Challenge Best IT/Crown Seven Camaros.

For more information on the Infinity ECU, and other Infinity-tuned vehicles, contact [email protected], 310-484-2322, AEM Electronics - Wideband O2 UEGO, Water/Methanol, Stand Alone Engine Management, Piggyback F/IC, Tru Boost Controller, Gauges, Automotive Performance Electronics.
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