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Indiana WS-6

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I saw a plug for this site on a local board and thought I'd swing in and check it out. I live in Southern Indiana, and I'm the current President of the Southern Indiana F-Y Body Club. The site is looking good, I'll let others know about it so they can check it out also. :thumbsup:
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Very good! And please use the site to help promote your car club ,too. Those MTFBA cretins are doing it , so why not? :p Welcome to the site and enjoy!
Welcome :cheers: ..........Please spread the word :thumbsup:
Welcome to the site man, glad you could make it over! :thumbsup:
welcome aboard
I just want to let you guys know that I added this site to the "other links" on my club's homepage. There will be more here soon. :D
Great!! :thumbsup: ......thanks for doing that
No problem.
Howdy & Welcome!
Welcome to the site. Nice site you have also.
Mykdiver said:
Welcome to the site. Nice site you have also.
Thanks. :cool:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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