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I'm here finally

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What's up guys. My bud cthomas told me about the site and I thought I would join up. I've been a member of ls1tech since Apr. 2004 and I think I will break 600posts there tonight. :D My user name is the same there and on as it is here. Just alittle bit about myself. I'm a 23 year old Tech School student here in Bowling Green. Studying electronics. Some of my other hobbys are R/C airplanes, computer's, and Hometheater systems. All my buddy's call me to wire stuff up after they get pissed cause something doesn't work :lol: I also play Halo on XBOX live alot. So if any fo you guys want to play my user name is STALKERZ28. Send me a friend request and we will kick some ass. Here's a few pics of my car.

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howdy... nice car
Sweet car man, welcome.
Well, seeings as who told you about the site, I give you a friendly southern "howdy" to 'ya!
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welcome, and beautiful car. nice to see more 'tech people coming over to our corner of the internet
welcome and sweet car!! :hello:
Awesome car. Welcome the LS1LT1.
what up matt, bout time you get over here
Glad you finally made it Matt, but damn your slow :D
I know :streetrac Hopefully
Nice ride welcome aboard :hello:
nice ride I think I know you from LS1tech
Yep , I've seen you around on Tech , you've got a really nice car.
More pics of your HT stuff....;)

Welcome man....Nice ride!
Welcome to the site. I really like your car, especially this pic:

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Thanks alot guys and gals. Yeah i am over a Tech alot. I will try to get more pics as soon as I round up a digital camera. Here is two more that I have.

A try at a night shot. I'm no photographer :roflmao:
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Nice car. Welcome to the boards.:cool:
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